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When should I register for the Course?

You can register for a Course of Sunshine Education Station of Banking at any time of the year as major banking exams are held after every 3-4 months. Please register at the earliest so that you have sufficient time to study and prepare for the exam.

Which Course should I Register for?

You have to decide based on your basic abilities and aspirations whether you want to try only for clerical posts, only for officer’s posts or both. If you want to try only for one, the choice is clear. If you want to try for clerical as well as officer’s posts, study material for PO would be more than sufficient to appear for Clerical posts also.

Can I pay the fees in Instalments?

Entire Course fees are required to be paid at the time of Registration for the course. Fees are not accepted in instalments.

How will I receive the Course Material?

Course material is normally sent / given in 3 to 4 lots spread over a month, as we expect candidates to study the material diligently and learn it phased manner. However, if a candidate requests to send all the material in shorter span of time, in view of the limited time between Registration and Date of Exam, the Academy may consider sending / giving material in 2-3 lots within a time period of 15-20 days.

Are the courses useful for the exams of Specialist Officers?

The Specialist Officers' exams include most of the tests for exams of generalist officers (PO). Our course will be helpful to the candidates to cover this part of the exam. In addition, for Specialist Officers, there are tests to evaluate the candidates’ professional / domain knowledge.

Can I only go for the Course Material without taking the Classes?

If you are confident that you can study independently from the Course Material you can avail this option.